Twenty Two

I recently celebrated my twenty second birthday surrounded by friends and family and I wanted to share a little bit of all of that with you by sharing 22 lessons I have learned as of late. This was by far the best birthday I have had in a long while and I feel so grateful to have another year under my belt and to be healthy and happy.

Hope you enjoy!

Twenty Two things this past year has taught me:

1. All sex is not equal. And sex will never be just “sex” to me. And that is ok.

2. In addition, never hook up with your crushes.

3. A jealous friend isn’t really a friend at all.

4. Actually moving on means fantasizing about someone new and it not revolving around your ex seeing you two together.

5. Falling in public builds character. Falling when you’re drunk makes for a good story. Falling in a hospital marks you for life as a “fall risk” patient.

6. Sweet potato brownies are not and will never be a suitable substitute for the real thing.

7. Friendship doesn’t require daily texts and calls or instagram posts or matching tattoos. Its someone who “just gets it” and who is there when it matters the most.

8. Growing up means planning out your entire possible future with someone the moment you meet: first kiss, moving in, matching christmas sweaters, marriage, adorable family photo….

9. Self tan sparingly.

10. When in need of a change, and looking to let go of the past, cut off your hair. (whoever told you that short (and shortish) hair isn’t sexy is lying to you)

11. I will always feel anxious that there will never be enough time to read everything that I would like to.

12. It could always, always be so much worse.

13. Making your bed can instantly make you feel like  you have your shit together.

14. I once heard that heartbreak is the most aptly named emotion. It was my biggest “aha” moment.

15. Grammar is important.

16. You can actually make orange lipstick work.

17. Sleep is crucial, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself you don’t need it.

18. Your boobs are your boobs, and they’re the only ones you got. Accept them, embrace them, love them.

19. If you find yourself continuously defending someone to your friends and family and to yourself, then maybe its time to of some re-evaluating.

20. With that being said, be sure not to let people walk all over you, but be careful in the way that you remove them from your life. The guilt of treating someone poorly will stay with you.

21. Debt is a reality, it just is.

22. Someone else’s success does not take away from your own.

Thank you to everyone who made my 22nd so incredibly special. There are no words.


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